The storyteller bear

Welcome to Nabar's refuge. You are now in the web of Nabar, the storytelling bear. Here you will find the bear and his stories for you .You can download them straight from here. Nabar tells stories in seven languages — and his house is like that as well, built in seven languages.

You can also read these stories, downloading them and read them with others while Nabar tells them to you. You still haven't got a Nabar? Well, you can buy it on this website, very easily, and it will get to your house within five to ten days.

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Nabar appeared amongst the heights of Euskal Herria, the Basque Country — in the Pyrenees. Appeared.

Where was he born? We do not know.

Where did he come from? That we do know — from far off.

From far away, a young bear cub?

He obviously comes from afar, because he knows tales from all over the world — stories learnt from the old bears that had come to these mountains.

He was so grown-up, that it was sufficient for him — he didn't want to grow any more!

Nabar, difficult to equal, is a bear that tells stories, and he tells them really well.

Nabar, a bear with no equal — being able to tell the stories in seven languages!

Nabar — our little bear, our great storyteller. He tells us stories from all over the world in Basque, Occitan, Aragonese, Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

Nabar, the bear who, when you hug him or press his hands, will tell you a story.

Nabar, a loving honey thief, how could he be anything but sweet?

Nabar the sweet talker — he could talk the hind legs off a donkey!


Creative Commons Lizentzia